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A la Carte

Friday 03rd, December




1. Greek village salad (vegetarian) GFR €7.00

Feta cheese and olives with lettuce, rocket, coriander, peppers, spring onions and cherry tomatoes, served with pita bread


2. Keftedes €7.50

Greek meatballs made with minced pork, potatoes, onions, parsley and aromatic spices served with a rich garlic and tomato sauce

Main course size also available €18.00


3. Vegetarian Keftedes €7.25

Vegetarian bites made with Mediterranean vegetables, chickpeas and aromatic spices

Main course size also available €17.50


4. Halloumi cheese (vegetarian) GFR €8.00

Pan fried halloumi cheese with roast peppers, roasted fennel, fresh orange and toasted almonds


5. Saganaki (vegetarian) GFR €7.00

Grilled feta cheese served on a bed of rich garlic and tomato sauce


6. Dolmades GF €7.00

Vine leaves stuffed with minced beef and rice


7. Melitzanes - Grilled aubergines (vegetarian) GF €8.00

Grilled aubergines served on a bed of rich garlic and tomato sauce, with feta cheese, grilled peppers and fresh mint


8. Fterouges – chicken wings GF €8.50

Marinated chicken wings, grilled and served with a feta cheese dip and celery sticks


9. Mydia GFR €8.50

Mussels cooked in a white wine and cream sauce


10. Garlic prawns GF €10.00

Pan-fried tiger prawns with garlic and fresh chillies


11. Kalamari tiganito €8.00

Deep-fried squid served with garlic mayo

Main course size also available €18.00


12. Seafood fritters €7.50

Minced shellfish, salmon, cod with spices, parsley served with garlic mayo



14. Tzatziki (vegetarian) GFR €6.50

Greek yoghurt with cucumber, garlic and mint, served with pita bread


15. Hummus with blended roast pepper and paprika (vegetarian) GFR €6.50

Chick peas and tahini with olive oil, garlic and fresh lemon juice blended with roast peppers and paprika, served with pita bread


16. Avgolemoni soup GFR €7.00

Traditional Greek soup made from rice, chicken and fresh lemon juice, served with homemade bread


17. Meze platter (2 persons sharing) €19.95

Greek village salad, keftedes, halloumi cheese, kalamari, dolmades, tzatziki dip, hummus dip

and pita bread


18. Vegetarian Meze platter (2 persons sharing) €19.50

Greek village salad, halloumi cheese, vegetarian keftedes, grilled aubergines, grilled peppers, tzatziki dip, hummus dip and pita bread


19. Seafood Meze platter (2 persons sharing) €19.95

Garlic prawns, kalamari, seafood fritters, Greek village salad and homemade bread, served with garlic mayo







20. Mousaka €19.00

Layers of sliced courgettes, aubergines, potatoes, tomatoes and minced beef

cooked in red wine topped with béchamel sauce


21. Beef stifado GFR €20.00

Slow cooked diced beef with shallots and mushrooms in a red wine sauce, served with Greek-style couscous


22. Cape Greko’s prawns in ouzo sauce GF €22.50

Pan-fried king prawns with onions, fresh tomatoes and cream flambé with ouzo, served with brown rice


23. Seafood pilafi GF €22.50

Pan-fried prawns, salmon and mussels in garlic butter and white wine with brown rice, peppers, mushrooms and onions


24. Chicken pilafi GF €17.95

Diced chicken breast pan-fried in garlic butter, white wine, brown rice, chorizo, peppers, mushrooms and onions


27. Lamb tava GF €21.00

Diced leg of lamb slowly cooked in a tomato sauce with potatoes, onions and Mediterranean spices





28. Halloumi & roast pepper salad (vegetarian) GFR €17.95

Deep fried breaded halloumi sticks with roast peppers, butternut squash, rocket, dried figs and fresh grapes with a mustard vinaigrette dressing.


29. Mediterranean couscous €17.95

Greek style couscous cooked with chick peas, sultanas, peppers, mushrooms, red chillies and toasted almonds





30. Minced lamb kebabs GFR €20.50

Minced lamb with aromatic spices and pistachios served with flat pita bread


31. Chicken souvlaki (kebabs) GFR €18.95

Marinated diced breast of chicken kebabs served with crispy onions and tzatziki


32. Seafood souvlaki (kebabs) GFR €22.50 Organic salmon and prawn kebabs


33. Mixed souvlaki GFR €21.00

Make your favourite kebab! Choose any two from lamb, chicken or seafood souvlaki


34. Stithos Olympus GF €19.50

Marinated chicken breast served in a creamy sauce with mushrooms and onions


35. Pagidakia GFR €26.50

Marinated lamb cutlets served with mint and basil sauce


36. Sea bass GFR €25.50

Grilled fresh fillet of sea bass


37. Fillet steak GFR €32.00

15oz fillet of beef served with a choice of sauce (pepper sauce, garlic butter or creamy mushroom)


(All of the above are served with side salad or homemade chunky chips or garlic sautéed potatoes)


GFR – Gluten free on request

GF – Gluten free




Hummus blended with roasted pepper and paprika €3.95

Tzatziki €3.95

Pita bread €3.00

Garlic potatoes €4.25

Homemade chunky chips €4.25

Rice €2.25

Greek-style couscous €3.50

Side salad €3.95

Sauté onions or mushrooms €4.50

Bowl of olives €4.50

Feta cheese €3.50

Pepper sauce, garlic butter or mushroom sauce €2.50


All of Cape Greko’s beef and lamb come from 100% certified Irish farms and are fully traceabl



A discretionary 10% service charge will be added to parties of 6 or more. The service charge is distributed amongst the service staff.




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